Improve understanding and awareness of farming, food production and land based industries in a changing world, particularly among young people.


Give young people exposure to different stages of food production, including current STEM research and innovation.


Inform young people about, and
engage them with, agritech and land
based careers

"Mankind’s relationship with our environment is perhaps the single most important issue facing us at the start
of the 21st century.
A deep understanding of food, farming and the countryside is vital for all, but particularly for our young people who will forge their lives in this rapidly changing world. Norfolk has a proud tradition at the forefront of innovation in agriculture. We are therefore in a terrific position to teach people about the wonder of our rich natural resources and the exciting potential available from harnessing them, thereby maintaining and enhancing our status as a local, national and international leader of land-based education.
The Food and Farming Discovery Trust has been established to take this further. We develop new initiatives, and, with our land-based education partners provide a range of activities which help young people understand and explore their relationship with the natural world around them. I hope you will enjoy finding out more about our strategic plans and upcoming events.”
Steffan Griffiths, Chairman